The Sayama International Solidarity Campaign is calling on individuals and organizations to send in letters of solidarity in support of Kazuo Ishikawa and change in the Japanese criminal justice system, which allows for innocent people to be arrested and convicted on the basis of racial prejudice.

your letters

Message from J. Karunaratne

Everyone is entitled, without any discrimination, to equal protection of law (Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Under Article 6 of European Convention on Human Rights, everyone has the right to legal assistance of his own choosing, and shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to the law. Detention by the police without giving access to a lawyer is a violation of accepted principles of law. Discriminatory treatment meted out to Ishikawa, in his trial was unfair and unjust.

Message from Arlene Inouye

I am a teacher in the United States who is dedicated to peace and justice. I support the Sayama International Solidarity Campaign. We urge that his appeal not be denied and justice be done for Mr Ishikawa. It is unconscionable that he has not be given a fair trial and is discriminated against.

Ishikawa being arrested in 1963.