The Sayama International Solidarity Campaign is calling on individuals and organizations to send in letters of solidarity in support of Kazuo Ishikawa and change in the Japanese criminal justice system, which allows for innocent people to be arrested and convicted on the basis of racial prejudice.

your letters

Message from Theo van Boven

Please convey to the Buraku Liberation League my sentiments of deep disappointment and regret about the Supreme Court's decision in the Sayama case and assure the Buraku Liberation League of my full solidarity in the struggle for equality and justice.

Warm regards,
Theo van Boven
18 March, 2005

Message from Dr. Chandra Muzaffar

The International Movement for a Just World (JUST) has been informed that the Supreme Court of Japan had, on 16 March 2005, dismissed the special appeal of the defence in the Sayama case. JUST is extremely disappointed with the decision. It shows that the Supreme Court has failed to rectify an obvious miscarriage of justice. Worse, it will be perceived as perpetuating an act of discrimination in Japanese society.

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar,
President, International Movement for a Just World (JUST), Malaysia.
21 March 2005

Message from Soom Man Rhim & Michael Sharpe

On behalf of the IMADR-North America Commitee, we would like to express our solidarity with IMADR and the Buraku Liberation League and others fighing against discrimination around the world in protest of the Japanese Judicial System's decision to dismiss the special request for the second appeal for retrial of the Sayama case.

Yours in solidarity,

Soom Man Rhim & Michael Sharpe
IMADR- North America Committee
23 March 2005

Message from the Migrant Forum in Asia

The MFA secretariat supports the IMADR's statement on the Japanese Supre Court's decision on the Sayama Case. We support your call for the Japanese judicial authorities to allow the evidence held by the public prosecutor be disclosed to the defense, that the path for retrial, which has been closed for 28 years, be made open, and that justice be brought to Mr. Ishikawa.

Courage and Peace, Migrant Forum in Asia
6 April, 2005

Message of Solidarity from Romani Rose

At this public gathering for protest, I, as the Chairman of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, would like to convey my message of solidarity to Mr Ishikawa and the Buraku Liberation League for your continuing efforts for the retrial and acquittal of Mr. Ishikawa.

As we learned on March 17, the Supreme Court of Japan issued a decision to dismiss the special appeal made by the defense group of the Sayama case in 2002, in reaction to the Tokyo High Court's decision to dismiss the objection filed for the second appeal for retrial. The Central Council of German Sinti and Roma, as the umbrella organization of 16 regional organizations of Sinti and Roma in Germany, strongly condemns this decision.

Since the beginning of our cooperative work within the International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism, the Central Council and the BLL have made the topic of the prosecution of Mr. Ishikawa on the basis of prejudicial investigations and prejudicial reporting a number one priority. We did so, because we are aware of the fact that within the administration of justice and among law enforcement institutions discrimination against vulnerable minorities is widespread. This is true for Japan as well as for Germany and for the rest of Europe. Sinti and Roma are, in fact, frequently objects of police violence and they are constantly denied access to equal justice.

To fight discrimination and racism effectively, states have to implement and comply international human rights standards. Accordingly, the Japanese judicial authorities and government have to open up the path for retrial for Mr Ishikawa so that finally justice is brought to him.

Romani Rose (Chairman, Central Council of German Sinti and Roma)

Tamil Nadu Women's Forum demands justice for Mr. Ishikawa

he Tamil Nadu Women's Forum along with Tamil Nadu Dalit Women's Movement condemns the Japanese judicial procedure for perpetuating discrimination in dismising the second appeal for Retrial of the Sayama case. TNWF demands the First Petty Bench of the Supreme Court for dismissing the appeal for retrial of Sayama case. TNWF demands that the evidence held by the public prosecutor to be disclosed, be made open so that justice be brought to Mr. Ishikawa.

TNWF urges the Japanse government to regulate and correct the system maintained by the police in detaining the suspects, and to address the issues according to ICCPR.

TNWF demands the Japanese government to take the General Recommendations of CERD seriously into consideration to uphold Human Rights, based on UDHR, and to take action immediately.

Burnad Fatima. N.
Tamil Nadu Women's Forum / Tamil Nadu Dalit Women's Movement

Ishikawa being arrested in 1963.