The Sayama International Solidarity Campaign is calling on individuals and organizations to send in letters of solidarity in support of Kazuo Ishikawa and change in the Japanese criminal justice system, which allows for innocent people to be arrested and convicted on the basis of racial prejudice.

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Message from Nina Boal

I am a former activist in the 1960s Civil Rights Campaign for African-Americans in Mississippi and Chicago. I have also been an activist for women's and gay/lesbian rights. I have seen innocent people convicted because of race, sexual orientation or economic status. I have seen African-Americans, women, gay/lesbian, racial/religious/ethnic minority people assaulted and murdered in hate crimes with no punishment at all against the perpetrators. Having read the facts in the Sayama case, it is clear that Mr. Ishikawa Kazuo is innocent and was targeted for arrest and false conviction because of his status as a Buraku person. Discrimination and injustice are the same throughout the world. Mr. Ishikawa's case cannot just be swept under the rug, but must be brought up for retrial right away, in light of the evidence. In Freedom, Nina Boal, U.S.A.

Ishikawa being arrested in 1963.